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    Social commitment is our credo

    FUCHS PETROLUB SE is convinced that in addition to generating added value every company must be committed to building society. Therefore, FUCHS PETROLUB SE sponsors commitment in social, charitable non-profit organizations and self-help groups in Mannheim.

    Anpfiff ins Leben

    Since 2008, FUCHS PETROLUB SE sponsores the initiative ?Anpfiff ins Leben“. This social partnership has integrative fostering as a focus. FUCHS PETROLUB SE finances care and training and thus creates a strong and personal bond.

    As part of the "Aufstiegshelfer-Initiative", Stefan Fuchs, CEO of FUCHS, is personally taking on the role of an mentor for the second time - in 2017 for the young sportsman Phillip Onos from SV Waldhof Mannheim. In his role as mentor, Stefan Fuchs is particularly committed to his school development and the preparation for his career entry.

    Further information about Anpfiff ins Leben

    Further information about Aufstiegshelfer-Initiative


    In cooperation with the City of Mannheim, FUCHS PETROLUB SE supports social institutions with the FUCHS Sponsorship Award. In 2019, the 20th anniversary year, the prize is endowed with 75,000 EUR.

    Further information

    Freiwilligentag der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar

    FUCHS PETROLUB SE supports the sixth edition of the "Freiwilligentag" and contributes to the fulfilment of numerous wishes of associations, kindergartens, schools and other organisations. The entire Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is set in motion: Numerous volunteers are working together.

    This year, FUCHS supports the "Deutsche Leuk?mie-Forschungs-Hilfe -Aktion für krebskranke Kinder". The association maintains a house for parents near the oncology clinic in Mannheim, where parents can live during the hospital stay of their child with cancer and thus be close to their child on a daily basis. In the course of the volunteers' day on September 15, 2018, the parents were strongly supported and tackled.

    Further information about Freiwilligentag

    Further information about Elternhaus


    Since its foundation in 1981, the "Gesundheitstreffpunkt" has been involved in many ways in the social and health sector. FUCHS PETROLUB SE primarily supports self-help groups that receive no money from other sources.

    Further information


    FUCHS PETROLUB SE supports the Children's Academy Mannheim, an institution for the qualified promotion of highly gifted primary school children. The academy is supported by the city of Mannheim and the state of Baden-Württemberg. In working groups, workshops and projects, the boys and girls are encouraged to think creatively and do research in addition to the regular school activities.

    Further information

    Kurpf?lzisches Kammerorchester - Mannheimer Schule 2.0

    In 2010, the "Kurpf?lzische Kammerorchester" started a unique project: In order to familiarize pupils with the instruments of an orchestra, the entire orchestra goes directly to the schools. The Kurpf?lzische Kammerorchester works in particular with schools in districts with special problems. In this way, the pupils' fears of the threshold can be reduced and interest in the unknown and new can be awakened. FUCHS PETROLUB SE has been supporting the project since 2014.

    Further information

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