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    It's official – our lubricants are outstanding

    • FUCHS can reflect on longstanding development partnerships in the field of initial filling.
    • We have been selected as the preferred supplier by a leading Scandinavian commercial vehicle manufacturer.
    • In 2014, FUCHS received "The Volkswagen Group Award". The award presented annually by VW to honor its best suppliers provides further evidence of the good cooperation with our customers.
    • In 2015, FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH was also honored for its exceptional services by being named "strategic supplier" to RWE Group Purchasing

    Certified sustainability

    FUCHS has the world's most diverse portfolio of bio-lubricants, ranging from basic chainsaw oil to high performance engine oil. Many of our biodegradable products carry the European environmental label (Euro-Marguerite). New series of biodegradable hydraulic and gear oils were developed within the PLANTO range on the basis of saturated ester. The proportion of renewable raw materials is greater than 50% here, and the products have demonstrated their performance in the field.

    In addition to this, FUCHS plays an active part in the European standardization process for bio-based lubricants. Among other things, this includes work on terminology, as well as determining the bio-based content, sustainability criteria, eco-auditing and certification. A FUCHS employee leads a work group of the European Committee for developing a general standard for bio-lubricants.

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