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    FUCHS WISURA GmbH - Special lubricants for metal forming | VCI products

    We produce premium quality for you

    FUCHS WISURA develops, produces and markets special lubricants for metal forming operations and offers VCI products for outstanding corrosion protection. To help us in this task, we can call on more than a hundred years of manufacturing expertise and consulting competence. Metal forming is the clear focus of our work – we are in a class of our own here.

    Comprehensive expertise

    We know that customers have very different processes and needs. This is why we offer you a variety of products to fit your needs.

    Our lubricants are used wherever production takes place – and this means in a vast number of industry sectors. However, we have several core sectors that we know like the back of our hand. The following industries place particular trust in our manufacturing expertise: automotive suppliers, aerospace, wind power, medical engineering, furniture

    Over 100 years of WISURA

    A tradition of innovation – over 100 years of WISURA

    On August 11, 1911, the entrepreneurs Friedrich Goldgrabe and Richard Scheft from Bremen, Germany, founded WISURA Goldgrabe & Scheft. Starting with a handful of employees and two rented offices, the company traded in lubricating oils for sectors such as the shipping industry. The two businessmen quickly became ...

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    Service Contact
    +49 421 54903-0